Friday, July 30, 2004


No I am not referring to the work by Shannon Ahmad that was passed off as literature. I was once in a Taxi and the driver was so excited telling me that "PM" could have an ambiguous meaning and laughing "Ha! Ha! Ha!". I told him off and he tried to change the topic but he didn't talk much after that,

Anyway, here I am talking about the real thing . I was again on my way back to KL last Thursday and the bus stopped at Ipoh. I wanted to relieve myself so badly and rushed to the toilet at the bus stand. After paying 20 sens, I rushed to the only open cubicle and it was then that I laid my eyes on the biggest piece of shit I ever saw.

I Went out - waited a bit for the guy in the other cubicle to come out but he didn't so had no choice. When you got to go, you got to go.

Flushed once, didn't go. Peed looking up. Flushed again. SHIT! It was still there. I then gave a nice prolonged blast from the pipe. The water pressure was good as it usually is and it then finally went down with a nice "plop".

I was thinking of having a Roti Chaanai and a teh Tarik but changed my mind. Bought a pack of chips and went up to the bus. I thought what the hell and promptly finished up the pack.

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