Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I was just talking with a colleague of mine about ghosts and jinns. I usually work quite late, sometimes going back at 8pm – after all, I am a weekend husband and don't have a wife to go home to on weekday. Plus the fact that nightlife is non-existent here in Kedah (unless of course, you cross the border for some other activities, which doesn't appeal much to me).

She was asking me whether I am not scared of “Hantu” reputed to be roaming around the office corridors. Oh! Just realised why the guards are not around at night. I just joked that I am more afraid of the crazy living guys lurking around than some hantu or Jinn. Of course in KL, a lot of people work late but it’s a different story altogether here in Kedah. By 6pm, I am the only one left in the entire building.

I do hear some strange noises sometimes, such as creaks, footsteps and doors closing but I just ignore the noises. I guess, as long as I don’t disturb them, they will leave me alone. Maybe they are some lovers making out, unaware that I am around or the guard making his rounds. I am not sure.

A friend once related a supernatural experience he had while he was studying in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). The campus is situated in the beautiful campus in Sintok, just a few KMs from the Thai border and is surrounded by thick forests and rubber plantations. At that time, the Campus had just come up and was still surrounded by thick forests and wild rubber plantations which had not been tapped for a long time(due to the fact that this was a Black area during the communist insurgency period.)

Anyway, coming back to the story, a few of them were driving back from Alor Star one late evening. A few Kilometers away from the Campus, while they were passing some rubber plantations, the driver noticed something black and hairy with big eyes sticking on the back of the car. Suddenly all of them went silent and the driver drove like mad. The “thing” just vanished as they turned the corner near the campus gates. He then asked his friends if they had noticed anything and they replied that even though they had not seen anything, they had felt that something or someone was sticking to the rear window. This incident happened some 4-5 years back.

Coming back to the present, I recently heard a similar story but this time quite recent and happened to an employee of UUM. This guy was riding his motorbike along the long lonely stretch of road in Sintok, on the way to his house near the campus when he suddenly felt that something heavy was on the back of his bike. Of course his first instinct was to stop and look but better sense prevailed and he kept on going. Don’t ask me why he did not stop. Would you?

Anyway, The bike suddenly came lighter as they came down the hill just around the same corner near the campus gates. Some of the guys who passed him on the highway later told him that they had seen a black hairy thing pillion riding on his bike. Well it seems that the fellow is still around.

I guess, what we have here is a harmless Hantu or Jinn or some creature, which likes to take joy rides. However, I won’t be very happy if he decides to take a ride on the back of my car one fine day.

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