Sunday, June 13, 2004

What Colour is that?

Well! Its time again for one of our favourite pastimes - Proton bashing time. No! Not this time. Only some personal observations - maybe related to my personal taste.

Don't get me wrong. Actually I am among the strongest supporters of the Malaysian car company and both my wife and I, drive Proton Wiras and am quite satisfied apart from some minor service and parts quality problems. However, I hope that our (constructive) criticisms will be heeded by the top management so that we have a Worldclass auto company that we are proud of. One which can compete equally with the South Korean cars (forget the Auto Giants).

Anyway, I noticed that there are already several Gen.2 on the road. I don't know why but all those I had seen were of only one colour - turquoise blue known commercially as Angel blue. That is strange considering that Blue is my favourite colour. I don't know about you but somehow that colour looks really bad on the Gen.2. We were driving down the road and my wife noted "what a horrible colour". When we got closer we noticed that it was a Gen.2. It may look good on the Kelissa or some cute looking car but on the Gen.2 it looks hmmmm what should I say. It up to your personal taste but the Gen.2 is not supposed to look cute. It is meant to be sporty, dashing. Maybe a darker shade of blue would have been better. Personally I prefer the Dune Beige and Energy Orange colours.

By the way, have you visited the Proton web site. They have a new design and regular news updates which are UPDATED regularly. Quite refreshing.

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