Thursday, June 10, 2004

Weekend Husband

Rahil is growing so fast and I am quite sad. No! I am not sad she's growing up fast but the fact that I am away from her and my wife most of the time means that I miss some of the important landmarks in her development. For example, she started sitting up by herself day before yesterday and I was not there. I also missed the day when she started crawling. Thank God for Digital Cameras. At least I can see the pics.

I guess I am not alone, the number of couples living separately have risen drasticaly in the recent years. In my Department alone 3 of us are living separate from our spouses. On the same boat is my Head of Department, whose husband works in KL. Another collegue's wife is working in Johor. However, I think he has succeeded in geting her transferred to Kedah. One of my friends work here while her husband is working in Johor. Their kid stays with her mother in Seremban. The sad fact is that they can all be together only once or twice in a month and that too for a couple of days only. This has given rise to the sad term "weekend husband/wives".

I am not really sure what the effect are on family life but I am sure it can't be good. I am married and am still living like a bachelor (and no that's not good). The only positive side is that we really look forward to the weekends when we can be together with our spouses and it's like a honeymoon every time ;-)

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