Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sweet and Sour Memories

Back in my office rested and filled with BFH (back from holiday) syndrome - relaxed, eager to share your stories, pics only to realise that there is a load of unfinished work piling up on your desk.

There was one incident in Phuket which really spoiled my mood. We were out shopping for souvenirs one afternoon and we happened to go to one of the alleys filled with shops in Patong. We were just browsing around one shop where prices were put up on all the items (a rarity in Phuket where bargaining rules). Anyway, we were picking different gifts for all the people back home and had even selected a wrap around skirt for my sister. I was looking at a small cute dress and asked the sour-faced lady attending us, whether it would fit a kid 1 year old. She replied with a rude "NO! People buy for 1 year older" and murmuring under her breath. We were shocked at her attitude - "What is her problem?" An old man came out and rudely asked us "want to buy or not?" and then we just left the things we had picked up and was going out when the old man commented "Go back to Malaysia! $*&#@" My wife then went mad and before I could stop her, retorted something which I cannot report here. Till now, I am still wondering what their problem was or how they knew we were from Malaysia. We were not tying to bargain (yet), we were there for about only 5 minutes and we were definitely not doing anything provocative. Anyway, I guess there are always some people around everywhere with a stick up their a@#$ and it was their loss not ours.

Overall the trip to Phuket was great and I would love to go back there again. You wish you could just lie on the beach reading a book and shipping coconut milk forever but then reality butts in.

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