Thursday, June 03, 2004

Crawling Baby Hidden Dangers

Rahil is now 7 months old and she has crossed another landmark. She started crawling (forward) day before yesterday. I am not sure if all parents are like this but somehow I feel that she is cuter, less troublesome, healthier, in other words - the best baby in the World.

Before this she had already started to crawl but backwards and then she would do some rocking motion and everyone would go "Goyang, Goyang".

Now that she has started crawling there are several things that we need to take care off. We can't leave her even for aminute unattended as we used to do before sometimes. I just took my eyes off her for a moment and she is in one corner of the bed and about to fall off. She also putting everything she can get her tiny hands on, into her mouth. Now we have to invest in a baby gate on top of the stairs and maybe one for the bed.

All short of horrifying thoughts get into my mind. What if she eats a cockroach? What is she puts her fingers into the electric outlet? and so on. Other parents tell me " this is nothing, wait till she becomes a teenager and you will be pulling your hair out". Just realised something. Thank you Baba and Ima.

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