Wednesday, May 05, 2004

My handphone bugs me

I have been using a Celcom prepaid service for more than 4 years now. Before that I was using a Digi prepaid number, which I passed down to my sister. Digi was great but had limited coverage at that time and so I changed to Celcom. Did a little survey and found that most of my colleagues here in Kedah use Maxis. One friend had a surprising reason - because she can accumulate Bonuslink points.

I was really happy with Celcom, especially their coverage but of late a few things about this service provider is beginning to bug me.

I am not sure whether this has happened to you but I notice that I keep getting a Network busy sign on holidays and weekends, and that too when I need to make an urgent call. In the end I had to use the pay phone. It’s probably due to the increase in the number of subscribers using their network and of course those people who go around 24 hours with a phone stuck to their ears.

Another thing, which I really hate are the sms promotions which are now increasing in frequency. I am not interested nor do I have the time to enter all these contests. I have a hard time getting rid of all the spam in my e-mails. Now I have to face them on my handphone too. I don't recall signing up for such a service and I am sure there are certain laws against spamming in Phones too.

Last in my list: the air time running out just when you need to make an urgent call (not Celcom's fault). I guess that’s one of the perils of using a prepaid plan. In fact, my airtime just ran out as I was driving around in Alor Star trying to locate an office today. I couldn’t call anyone to ask for directions. Fortunately, Alor Star is quite small as compared to KL and ultimately I got to the building after driving around for a while.

By the way just found out that you can sms people from your computer using the Internet. Just send an e-mail with the following address:
019-------@ for Celcom and for Maxis.
I am not sure whether this service is available for Digi users.

BTW, Celcom just launced a new 128K smart SIM kit last month. That's huge storage space and according to a friend, can store up to 750 phone numbers and 100 SMS messages on the SIM alone. Go to the Celcom website for more details. However, its not avilable for us poor Prepaid users yet.


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