Thursday, May 27, 2004

Greetings from Phuket

I am writing this down in a Pharmacy cum internet cafe (they have an ADSL connection with 2 computers) at 2 Bhat per minute (about 20 sen) after taking a walk down Patong beach in Phuket. My wife is attending a conference here at the Prince of Shongkhla university and I am free to roam the place all by myself. Yeah I am a tourist.

This is my first visit to Phuket and so far the experience has been quite good. Before we had to think twice but now, Thanks to Air Asia, everyone can fly (inluding me). We are now staying at the Comfort Resort just opposite the Holiday inn. It's a budget hotel but surisingly it not bad, with hot water, airconditioning, TV with english channels, a swimming pool and a comfortable king size bed (what more do we need anyway).

Like all typical Malaysian tourists, the first thing on our minds when we got here was to check out the prices of stuff. "Is it cheaper than in Malaysia?" My wife was looking for a suit and she was not disappointed. You can get a suit - jacket and pants stiched according to your liking and have it deivered to you in 24 hours for only 3000 baht (about Rm300). One surpising thing was that most of the tailor shops here were run by Nepalese and not by the Thais. Had to do a bit of tough bargaining though and the fact that this was the off peak tourist season was in our favour. Thank god!(or so they say), I wonder how's it like during the peak.

Will post some pics when I get back.

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