Sunday, April 18, 2004

First Visit to Taiping

Drove down to Taiping this weekend with my wife, Rahil and in-laws. We went there to attend my wife's cousin's wedding. The nikah ceremony went off Ok and Mi (cousin's nick name) went through the whole upacara akad nikah (solemnization) in one go. I have heard that some guys had to repeat the whole "Aku terima nikah ......"a few times before they could get it right. Now that they are husband and wife, I am wondering how they are going to settle one problem. Well, Mi's wife is working in Penang while he's working in KL. Guess, they have to do some travelling for a while.

Mi, welcome to the 'Weekend husband club'.

Rahil sleeping in the car

OK! about the town. Taiping about three and half hours drive from KL and about one hour from Ipoh (that is, if you are going at the specified speed limit of 110 KM/hr). In case you didn't know, this quaint and peaceful town with a long history is situated in the state of Perak. Formerly known as Klian Pauh, it was renamed Taiping to commemorate the end of the Larut War in 1874. Taiping comes from the Chinese word Tai-Peng which means ETERNAL PEACE. By the way Taiping is also the wettest place in Malaysia and it rained everyday we were there.

We stayed at the Taiping Inn at the Bukit Jana Golf & Country Club. It is part of MK Land Holding’s Bhd and is situated at the foothills of Bukit Larut. The room was comfy with a real great view of the landscaped golf course. However, I felt that the room rates were a bit steep at RM160 nett. We didn’t get any welcome drink nor free breakfast voucher. They didn’t even have toothpaste. I guess the main attraction is the 18-hole golf course. I would have loved to play a round but I didn’t get the chance.

We roamed around the town a bit including the lake gardens. I would have loved it if we had more time to see more of this town including the much advertised night safari at Taiping Zoo. However, I am working on Sunday (Yes! Sunday is a working day in Kedah). Maybe next time.


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