Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Free Online Encyclopedia

Just came to know about Wikipedia. It is a multilingual online open-content (and FREE) encyclopedia, which was started in January 2001. Anyone with an Internet connection and a browser can add and alter the content found here. As of last count there were 231966 articles in the English version. Some predict that this will be bigger than even Google and may be the best source of the latest news directly from common people all around the World. However, I admit that I couldn't find a few topics I was searching for but the great part is that you can add your own articles to it until someone else edits it. The disclaimer on the site notes that "Wikipedia CANNOT guarantee, in any way whatsoever, the validity of the information found here".

Of course there will always be some a**holes, who being the idiots they are, try to spoil the party by writing junk. I guess we have to live with them but we can go ahead and reedit it back again.

Now go ahead and add your own articles to this wonderful site.

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