Sunday, February 15, 2004

Valentine's Day

This Valentine's day was a quiet affair for me and my wife. No bouquet of roses, or chocolates for my wife. (I am so sorry dear). In the morning my wife went off to attend a forum - about properly raising a child. I would have loved to attend it but unfortunately I had to attend an extra class at University Malaya. My wife commented that apart from one guy, all the participants were women. According to one of the speakers, this shows that women are more concerned about their children than the men. I don't quite agree as I am sure that fathers worry about their children as much if not more than the mothers. Maybe they are not that keen on going to seminars or talks. Furthermore it was on a friday when most people were working. Anyway we met up later and had a nice Italian style lunch at SS2, PJ. It has been our usual tradition to have a nice romantic dinner every Valentine's day but I had to leave KL in the evening and decided to make do with a lunch. No candlelight but OK lah. Both me and my wife had been suffering from a mild flu and was really worried that Rahil might catch it from us. Fortunately, she didn't. I am still on cough medicine but I am feeling much better now but as indicated my the imood icon - medicated and drowsy.

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