Monday, February 23, 2004

Latest About the Proton GEN.2

"Oh! No! Not again! " OK Lah! I know everyone's tired of all the hype surrounding the Gen.2 but here are some insider info, which you might find interesting.
Anyway, before I go on just wanted to share bits of a conversation I had with an acquaintance. While we were discussing the new Gen 2, he commented, "I don't care what new model they are going to come out with or what's going to happen to Proton in the future, I have never bought a Proton car nor am I going to buy one in the future."
I know that. However, not everybody was born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth so please forgive us, if we commoners discuss the developments of the local car industry.
Coming back to the news I had, the Proton web site is finally up and running. However, they only have the “News and events” section up and don’t expect to find any other company information. I just heard that Proton’s going to fit airbags and ABS in future models (I am not sure whether it’s for their export models). I think the info provided in the Proton Edar site is a bit misleading, as the present Gen 2 models on display don’t have either ABS or airbags fitted.
Proton may also come out with a 1.3 litre version of the Gen 2. I guess the maximum demand is in that segment.
Remember you read about this FIRST in my blog. Anyway, thanks for the info, Roslan.

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