Thursday, February 05, 2004

Biggest Eyesore in KL

I have wanted to write about this for a long long time but somehow it always slips my mind. Have you ever wondered what's the biggest eyesore in whole of KL. I am sure everyone has his/her choice but my vote would have to go to the ugly, uncompleted project called Plaza Rakyat. In case you didn't know its right next to the Pudu Raya bus station. Its been like that (in an incomplete state) for so many years. Besides being an eyesore, its a potential disaster site. The irony is that even though the whole complex is incompete, hundreds pass through it every day at the Plaza Rakyat Star LRT station.
There are several incomplete buildings scattered throughout the Klang Vally, most of which were started by companies which went kaput during the Asian Crisis and others now under some legal investigation or the other. I read letters from anxious people in newspapers now and then. In one case, it was reported that a crane left on top of an unused on an incomplete building collapsed. Fotunately it didn't hurt anyone. The authorities should do something considering that these structures pose a danger to the public - not only because they might collapse anytime but because these places serve as haunts for misfits in society - criminals and drug addicts. Or do we have to wait until something bad to happen before we take action.

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