Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Malaysian Tolerance and BO

Malaysians are largely very tolerant. They can tolerate a lot and at the most they might mumble or give a deadly stare but they will not go beyond that. However after that they would be complaining out their lungs to their family and friends. Anyway, just looking around really opened my mind to how we tolerate so many things that we don't like, grumble and just go on our way.
I recently faced a situation where I felt like talking out but I guess the Malaysian "way" got to me too. Well I was taking a ride on the PUTRA LRT in the evening which like always was packed with people back from work. Well we were packed like sardines when this sweaty guy came in at one station. The minute he came on, there was a rotten spicy smell odour. He was holding the support grip with his arm raised and presented his armpit directly in my face and the smell came in nauseating waves. The smell in the train was not fresh anyway but this guy was something. This went on till I couldn't stand it anymore and got off at KL central station to wait for another train. What a horrible experience. I couldn't eat that evening.
Ever wonder how their friends and family can put up with them. My dad once told me that people with BO cannot smell their own odour because they got used to it - something about the olfactory nerves getting less sensitive with constant exposure over time. Same goes for their families. This is also the reason why we cannot smell our favourite perfume after using it constantly - I mean it doesn't seem as strong as it used to when we used it for the first time and we spray more quantities and end up smelling like a popurie.
I am sure many of us had this experience where we had friends who had the BO problem but couldn't bring ourselves to tell them about it. How do you tell your friend that he or she stinks without hurting him/her?
For those suffereing from it here are some tips:
1. Use a medicated soap in the affected areas (mostly the armpits)
2. Buy new clothes - don't wear them yet.
3. Wash your old clothes regularly with medicated soap or detol (soak them for at least an hour to make sure you kill all the bacteria)
3. Now you can wear your new clothes.
4. Use an antiprespirant / deodorant on your armpits.
(Sometimes the combined smell of perfume and BO can be deadly)
5. Stay off spice especially garlic and onion for sometime
6. Bath at least 3 times daily.
7. Repeat all of the above till you get rid of ur BO and in the meantime please take a taxi or at least travel int he LRT during off peak hours.
I hope this post doesn't offend anybody. I guess sometimes we have to speak out even if we hurt their feelings. It is for their own good (but I guess mostly ours).

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