Monday, January 19, 2004


It never ends- news of rape and murder. The newspapers just stopped carrying stories of the Noritta Samsudin case and we were getting tired of the ongoing court drama of the Canny Ong murder case when we are faced with yet another. I thought that I had become desensitized with all these news and by watching countless cut and slash movies but the feeling I had when I read the news about the rape and murder of an 10 year old girl was a mixture of anger, sadness, disgust and fear not in that order and in waves. Maybe becoming a father of a girl recently was the reason I felt so strongly about this case. This could happen to anyone, to your sister or daughter. I can only image what Nurul Huda's parents are going through. I would rather not think about what she went through.
Killing these devils (I would not call them animals because animals would not behave like that) would be too good. Now I am sure we are going to hear a lot of excuses and action taken by the authorities in the days to come but the question is why do we have to wait till something like this to happen before we take action. From what I read, it was already known that the guard house where the crime was committed was the haunt of dadah addicts. Why didn't the police do anything inspite of complaints? Also why has there been an increase of such crimes over the years? The authorities definitley needs to look into this. And I don't want to hear another so-called Ulama talking about need to cover up to avoid rape. I think you need to focus on these saitans lurking around preying on babies.

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