Thursday, December 18, 2003

Talk about Customisation from the Factrory

Just visited the Mazda web site just to look at their new models. This piece of information caught my eye. What was interesting was the news about their web-tuned@Roadster (Web-tuned Roadster), an internet-exclusive model where customers can have their cars custom build (well almost). Customers can select specifications after selecting the vehicle of their choice with up to approximately 700 possible customizations for Axela and 12 million for their Roadster.

Mazda Axela Sport 23S (equipped with S-package)

Also customers receive estimates, schedule appointments with sales representatives and place orders online. You can choose the colour, engine, etc. After making their selections, customers can preview their customized vehicles on the web. A dealer will then after authorization, register the vehicle and make a delivery appointment. Talk about great customer service. When can we have such as service in Malaysia?

Compare their site with Proton's and Perodua's.

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