Thursday, December 04, 2003

Sad news during the festive season

Its the same news every year. People dying on the roads every festive season when they should be at home and enjoying themselves with their families. In fact during Ops Sikap 5, there was not a single day without a fatal accident this year. And it started even before the Hari Raya break. My dad really hates this period. As a pathologist at the USM hospital in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan - it would usually be his turn at the morgue during this time. According to him, maximum fatal accidents took place during the fasting month and Hari raya break. They would sometimes call him up in the middle of the night to say that there has been an accident and he would have to go to the hospital to perform a post mortem examination. It is of course a gruesome experience. Just imagine cutting open bodies of dead people especially youths, their life cut off at their prime. According to him people seem to go wild during this period. Sometimes they are speeding to reach their homes or eating stalls for breaking of their fast. Of course another reason may be that they are weak and tired from the fasting and their reflexes are slower. On the other hand, the major reason during the Hari Raya break may be due to the fact that people are trying to reach their homes as soon as possible during balik kampung. Or overeating which makes them feel drowsy on the driver's seat with the same fatal effects. Fortunately, they have a proper forensics man down at the morgue now and my dad doesn't have to perform post mortem examinations anymore. Can we all make the promise to start driving more carefully from now on and put an end to this annual deadly phenomenon. Better later than never (reaching your loved ones).

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