Sunday, December 21, 2003

PC fair

Visited the PC fair at PWTC yesterday with my father-in-law who is another IT enthusiast (I don't like the word freak) and a relative back from Australia. Man the place was really packed. We were looking for some memory cards, a lap top hard disk and of course just to look around. There were some good bargains. An Imation CD writer which I bought a few days back for RM165, was on sale for RM130 there. My father-in-law met an accquaintance (one of his suppliers) which provided an interesting piece of information. He told us to wait until the end of the Fair for prices of some components to go down. It seems that law of demand works here. The demand for certain PC components like memory cards go up during the fair and go down afterwards. Strange because I thought that they were supposed to have bargain prices at the fair. In the end we didn't buy any thing there and just ordered the goods from that guy. He promised us lower prices and a "take back" gurantee if the the products were not compatible. Thats sounded good with us.
It great to have links.

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