Monday, December 22, 2003

PAS and Jews

OK! So all of us who don't agree with PAS's vision of an Islamic state are all Jews.
If you have been the observant and inquisitive type you would have come across these following issues raised up/ statements made by PAS leaders (so called ulama) in the past:
- No lipstick for working women. Beware of all these male devils in the office.
- Tudung for all working women women and girls
- Women should stay at home
- Seperate rows for women and men in payment counters
- Lights on in the Cinema halls to prevent kids from acting like sotong
- All UMNO supporters are infidels
- Thumbs up to "Shit". Nice intellectual book what?
- Its OK to work with the devil to defeat your enemies. DAP = devil? UMNO = enemy?
- God is a greater samseng (gangster)
- Ulama can use foul language
- Ban on dancing by women in public occasions
- Ban Siti Nurhaliza
- Stop watching Hindi films

Some were not bad and I support some of them. However, one thing you will notice is the number of issues/ statements related to women. ????

They also have an answer to everything?

- Forget about this dunia. Think about the Akhirat, or
The central govt. takes away all our money, or
We were made poor by the past UMNO leaders who stole our money, or
the most popular - The central govt. doesn't give us any funds.

Number of single women in the state?
- Encourage polygamy to decrease the number of single women and help them earn a living (from the man)

- Wear tudung.

Drug addiction, development and trade, international relations, other races in Govt.?
- We will deal with these issues when we come into power in the centre.

Its OK when it is the uneducated simple kampung folk listening to the Ulama at ceramahs but it is scary when it is the foreign educated, working professionals who nod their head "Yes"with every issue/statement.

Last but not the least. "No we were misquoted by the press." "Its Govt. propaganda."
Solution - ban NST, TV3 etc. etc. and read only Harakah.

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