Sunday, December 07, 2003

Malaysian Stonehenge

If you were among the few people who was wondering where the megaliths at a park off Jalan Tugu went, then we finally have an answer.
The what? Where is Jln Tugu anyway?
Well if you are among the more observant people (like me), you would have noticed that there was an arrangement of big stones arranged in a circle near the old railway station in KL (near the roundabout near Dayabumi).
When I asked, none of my friends knew what they were, some thought that they had been put up as a road side decoration by DBKL. Others said that they were tombstones. In fact, I was the only one to go up and read the sign put up by Petronas. I found out they were a collection of 84 ancient menhirs from Negri Sembilan which were discovered in 1989 by archelogists from Universi Sains Malaysia. It was moved here to KL by Petronas. The local people belived that these stones were living and grew and were called by batu hidup in malay.
Anyway I was shocked when I noticed that these stones were no longer there. The first thought that came to my mind were that some Islamic fanatics might have destroyed them saying they were unislamic like the Taliban who destroyed the giant
Buddha Statues in Bamian, Afghanistan. I only lrealised that my mind had been working on overdrive after I read today's NST Nuance that they had been moved yet again to Putrajaya's Putra Perdana Park. Thousands of people visit England's Stonehenge everyday and here we have our own similar example, though not as grand (or as old?). It a part of the Malaysian heritage.

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