Friday, December 12, 2003

1st ride on the monorail

Had some work in Menera Prudential KL today. Not being very familiar with the roads and being forewarned that the jam in KL can be deadly plus exorbitant parking rates made me decide to take the Putra LRT instead. So I left my car at KL central and then took the Putra LRT from there. I got down at Dang Wangi station and walked towards the Hard Rock Café/ Concorde Hotel and Menera Prudential was a little further down. About 10 minutes walk which made me sweat quite a bit. On the way I noticed that the KL monorail had a station there and wondered why the person I was going to visit hadn’t mentioned it. So on the way back I took the KL monorail from Bukit Nanas back to KL central (RM2.10). As this was first trip, it found it quite interesting. I had to wait quite sometime (about 10 minutes) and it was very crowded by the time the monorail arrived. The ride was quite bumpy and I shuddered when I recalled the incident where one of the wheels feel off and hit a journalist. Fortunately nothing like that happened this time. The route served by the monorail passes the famous Bukit Bintang area and of course the new Berjaya Times Square shopping mall (Another place I haven't visited yet). I expect it to do great business. However, I have to note that it is not elderly or handicapped friendly. The Putra LRT is still tops in terms of that. They don't have a lift and I don't think a person on wheel chairs would be able to get onto the monorail, considering that you have to climb some steps too. Well got off at Brickfields and that was it - my first trip on the KL monorail. Until next time. Now got to get back to Rahil and her mum.

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