Thursday, November 13, 2003

Quality time with my Babies

Looking forward to this weekend as I can get to hold Rahil in my arms again. You must be wondering why. Thats because I am a weekend husband. I only get to see my two babies during the weekends or if I am lucky, when my wife takes leave and comes over for a while. I work way up north while my wife works in KL. We are still trying to adjust to this life. It was bad before we got married but now its terrible to be away from your loved ones. I just try to be an optimist saying that its much better then being unemployed which was Hell. We can only talk on the phone and message each other sometimes but.... We still haven't got used to it and when I have to go back it really hurts. More so with the thought of leaving Rahil now-a-days. I can't wait to remain awake at night to feed her while my wife gets her well deserved rest and to bath Rahil in the morning. Bye for now.

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