Sunday, November 30, 2003

Back to Work

I hope all of you had a nice holiday. Pity Joliekins who had to work on the third raya. It was a very quiet raya for me as I didn't get to visit any of my friends or relatives. I just stayed at home with my wife and baby. Anyway all of them came to visit us so it was OK as Rahil kept us quite busy. Now am an expert at bathing her and changing nappies. Rahil is now one month old and is growing at an incredible rate. She now weighs 4.2 KG which means that she put on a Kilo in one month. As compared to other babies she is quite good natured and only cries a bit when she's hungry but has been a bit cranky after she had her hepatitis B shot. She wants to be held all the time and is constantly hungry.
Talking about hungry. After fasting for a month, I was really happy that I had lost weight and my waist line had gone in by an inch. However, this was short lived as I soon regained my "lost" weight only 4 days after Hari Raya. I realised that I was not the only one and a few had in fact become more heavier after ramadhan. No wonder with all the sticky tasty and delicious food which was being gluped down in the tonnes. I look around and everyone seems to be munching potato chips, raya biscuits, chocolates and durian with coconut milk and pulut - all the time. Oh and I just realised that its my lunch time.

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