Monday, October 06, 2003

Spam n viruses

I really hate spam. I don't know how these guys get my e-mail but I find that more than half the mail that I receive on Hotmail and Yahoo are junk. I have less problem with our organizational e-mail. I support the global spam boycott which was launched by the internet industry in Australia on 26 September 2003. The campaign has a simple message: Do not respond to spammers - don't try, don't buy and don't reply .
I am very happy with the length of my private parts. I want extra income but not from you. I don't need Viagra and I definitely don't want porn clogging up my e-mail. But these guys never give up. Now, I can't even block them anymore in my Hotmail account as the 'Block senders list' is full.
If there is one thing I hate more than spam, its an attachment with virus. Of course I take precautions like installing a anti-virus and updating it regularly + avoid opening up attachments with strange sounding names from people I don't know. The problem is that someone or other in the organization gets curious and opens up a tainted attachment (for example, Peristiwa Subuh.mp3.exe ) and enters our network. Here are a few precautions that everyone can take:
1. Install a good anti virus programme.
If you can't afford a commercial one, I would recommend the AVG anti virus which you can download for free. Go to the free downloads page. They even allow you to update virus details regularly.
Remember to run an all round virus scan to ensure that your computer has not
been infected in the first place.
2. Be suspicious of mail from unknown people. Some of these mails may be harmless in appearance.
3. Do not open any attachment which comes with the following file
extensions, even if they are from known friends.

.doc.exe (this is not a Word document file)
.ppt.pif (this is not a Power point document file)
.mp3.exe (this is not an mp3 music file)
You can get the entire list from any antivrus web site.
Lets keep the net safe

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