Sunday, September 21, 2003

Inconsiderate people and their Hand Phones

I have read a lot about handphone etiquette and take precautions to avoid annoying people when I use the phone. However, I wish more people felt the same way. Took a night bus yesterday from KL. Started from Pudu Raya around 9:20 pm. Everything was fine and I was hoping to catch a bit of sleep - however difficult it is in a moving bus. Well there were these few people chatting a bit too loudly for comfort but I hoped they would settle down after a bit. Unfortunately they did not. Then one of them started to play with her handphone. Trying out different tones. Just when I thought they had settled down then they would start on another tune. I know you just got your first hand phone, you don't have to show it off - or sound it off. I made some frustrated sounds but they did not give a damn. I saw a few other people were annoyed but being the corteous people we are - just suffered in silence. After a few hours of torture, I had the urge to take the handphone and chuck it out of the bus. Thankfully they finally settled down at around 1:00 am and I could catch a few winks.
This was not the first time - one time I was seated with a girl and every minute her hand phone would signal that she had received an SMS - from her BF I guess for she was giggling sometimes and I could catch the glimpse of the word love. (I couldn't help it) and she would then reply. This went on forever till we finally reched our destination - 5 and half hours later. Seesh! how inconsiderate can you get. Hello! ever heard of vibrating mode.

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