Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I love my job

That's not what you hear from many people now is it. Well! I really love my job. After working in small companies run by inefficient and inconsiderate people, I feel great. Of course, its not that easy and I am still busy but I love it. There's no one looking over my shoulder all the time anymore. And if you work hard and acheive something the credit goes to you and not to the boss. Now I don't have to stay in a small cubicle or sit in rows like in a classroom anymore. I have my own room with a nice view, with my own computer with free internet access. My Department head leaves me alone as long as I do my work and contribute to the organization. What more can you ask?
Then why are all these guys complaining for? I don't get it.
Maybe its true what they say about human behaviour- "Human wants are unlimited".
You got a Perodua Kancil, you dream of a Merc or Ferrari. Even when you have a Ferrari you are still not satisfied, then go on to buy another car. This goes on and on.

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