Monday, September 29, 2003

Edisi Siasat

Edisi Siasat on NTV7 has become one of my favourite TV programmes. According to my friends, however, of late the topics they cover are not that interesting anymore- if you know what I mean. They have moved on to safer subjects like "rice smuggling". I heard that viewership ratings hit the ceiling and I guess it will be on the slide down from now. In fact the first episode I saw was the "Ulu Yam" story. I had gone over to my friend's place to ask him out for a drink when I found him glued to the set. I was just in time to see the head of girl in Tudung moving back and forth. Being a shy type of guy, I closed my eyes (Yah! right). Anyway! my friend told me that Edisi Siasat is soooo boring now.
I ended up wondering why many people found the stories so shocking or interesting. There was nothing new about the stories and is considered a fact of life in Malaysia. Prostitution, homosexuality, effeminate men 'Lelaki Lembut', pornography, making love in public. Nothing new at all!
Let me tell you about my experiences:
Masked prostitution- Went to a Karaoke bar on the invitation of a friend who was entertaining clients. I imagined that I would be there to sing some songs and even took strepsils. My first impression when I got to the place was that it must be highly popular. What with all the Mercs, BMWs and Jags. Took some time finding a parking space. However, the first view of the dimly lit room, pretty girls with minimum clothing made me realise that something was wrong.
The mummy (see list of terms below) quickly called a girl to attend to me. Didn't know what to do as it was my first time in such a situation. I was in fact shivering when she put her hand on my thigh. After a while her regular client booked her for the night and I was left all alone. The mummy felt pity (she was happy after I praised her voice + loud clapping after a singing session. Sweet talker, thats me) and called another which was less pretty but very talkative. Part of the conversation:
GRO: Brrr! I am so cold. (Pointing at the Air con vent.)
Me: Yes! no wonder cos you are wearing only a tight miniskirt and a top. You should have put some warm clothing on.
(Gave me a strange look)
Scene 2:
Me: Do you drink?
GRO: I used to when I was younger, not anymore.
Me: Younger! how old were you. (Don't blame me. She looked like she just crossed 18)
(Gave me a strange look)
However, inspite of butterflying (see list of terms below) she became quite friendly and opened up a lot to me and told me that she had to rush back home before 12 am. I took out RM20 but the girl gave me the sad look and said, "Aw, only 20" and so I gave her another RM10. My friend scolded me afterwards for paying too much but I learnt that I got popular and a few girls were asking for me the next time he went (he's a regular). Another girl came and joined me for a few minutes but I left soon aftwards.
My friend said I was lucky as I had the company of 3 girls whereas he had only 1 and that too a very talkative girl who got drunk.
I learnt a few new terms that day such as :
Butterfly - Go from one room to another at regular intervals and try to get clients to book them for the night or move on to the another.
GRO: Guest relation officer - job position of the girls.
Mummy - The lady in charge
Tip - money that you pay for the sweet talk without any action.
I regret to say that I never went back.
Some say it is not prostitution as the real action depends on the girl but...
On the way out, saw though an open door some dirty old man singing a P Ramlee song with his arms around a PYT.
Homosexuality: Some of my best friend are gays. Few of them even hold managerial positions. Two of them had girl friends for a while (bisexual) but decided that guys are better. And No, I am not gay by the way.
My lady friends in their late 20s lamented that fact they have so few choices now. According to them all the eligible guys are either married or gays. I don't know about that and would love to hear the opinion of other ladies.
They also differentiate between gays and effeminate guys. Gays are guys who like guys. Effeminate guys are simple guys who are like girls. Some like guys too but imagine that they are girls INSIDE (More competition gals).
I don't know whether its my imagination but there has been a increase in the number of Lesbians too, with more and more out in the open. I once was sitting at a table next to this couple - tough looking girl dressed very masculine and the girl friend, very cute feminine looking girl with a nice sexy top. Whoo. conversation censored.
I could write on an on about my experiences, maybe later.

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