Monday, September 22, 2003


I appreciate criticism if its constructive. However I hate destructive crticisms. Is there any difference between the two? Well let me give you an illustration.
You present your research findings, so big mouth says, "Do you even know the definition?" "Even a child knows that!", "I define it my way and your definition is wrong," etc.
I guess you got my point. Thats destructive criticsm.
On the other hand, you may receive: "Try to look at it from a different angle and you may get better results," "Experts define it differently but latest research might give better definitions".
Well doesn't that sound better?
I hope these arrogant egoistic old farts get that into their heads.
Thank God! I have been lucky so far. But a few of my collegues were really hurt by such destructive criticisms.

However, let me tell you of my own personal experience:

There was this guy, very qualified but not so humble. He had this habit of putting everyone down: "My work is the best" "People should learn from me" sort of attitude. Well during this seminar, he was criticising other people presentations in the Q&A sessions with a superior tone.

Well then came his turn and he made a mistake which was very clear to me as it was my field. So when the Q&A came, I pointed out the mistake to him in a polite manner. Now here is the amazing part, he simply refused to admit it was a mistake and even told me in my face, that I better go back and read again. Well superior or not, I defended my point with which many people agreed but he still wouldn't back down and he gave me a few dirty looks.

Surprise! Many patted me on my back after that session. I didn't know that many were waiting for that but didn't have the guts to do it themselves.

Well! we had lunch afterwards and hope that he doesn't hold it in his heart.
If you criticise people, be open to criticisms yourself.

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