Monday, July 09, 2012

Touring the World From My Own Living Room

Guest post by Rob.

For all of Facebook’s qualities and faults, of which there are many of both, one of the best features of mobile application versions is by far the “Check In” feature. A couple of weeks ago, Facebook themselves went to the trouble of publicising figures showing the most “Checked In” at places in the world. My initial reaction, to be honest, was “who cares?”

However, as I live alone and had not met up with friends for quite a while, I decided to see how far I could manipulate Facebook and take a tour of the world without leaving my own home. The results were quite frightening, to say the least.

Getting Started

Now, I am going to be clear that I do not believe in using social networking on a personal level to draw attention to myself. And away with this “you check in to see who is near you” nonsense. People check in because they are vain, pretentious, and want people to know that they are having tea in Harrods, or partying on the White House lawn. Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar, or they take social networking too seriously.

It was time to take advantage of Facebook letting me “Check In” anywhere.

The Journey Begins…

So anyway, at first I thought I would start with something a little non-descript, just to “see how many of my friends were nearby.” Therefore, I checked in at the butcher’s located in town. Predictably, no-one liked my status, and I received no comments.

Time to Fly

The next day, while still at home, I checked in at the departure lounge of the airport. This drew no likes, but a few questions and comments as to where I was going. Cunningly, I did not answer until the next day, to allow me time to decide on my destination.

New York, New York

Rather than reply to my messages, the next day I checked in at a Pizzeria in New York City. This time, I took the joke a little further, by inviting my friends to join me through the “Invite your friends by e-mail” function.

Of course, had any of them came round to my house, they could have joined me for pizza, except it was from Domino’s in town rather than from Luigi’s in Manhattan.

So The Story Goes

I “landed back” from my trip a couple of days ago, and my friends are looking forward to seeing me so we can catch up and I can tell them about my trip. I’m still torn between making something up, or preparing a presentation based around not believing everything you see on the internet.

What do you think?

Clearly Facebook’s statistics could mean everything, or nothing, but who’s to know?!


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William T. Co said...

LOL. Well it is the internet. Half the staff here is fabricated. If you do tell them, they should have seen that coming.


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