Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fundraising Made Easy

I am a member of a student society at my University and a couple of months back we organised an event whereby we invited some consultants to come over and talk to the students. At our first committee meeting, the members came up with a number of great ideas. Unfortunately most were shot down due to one main factor - the lack of funds. The funds allocated to us seemed quite a lot but when we broke down the expenses involved including the refreshments (very important), the funds suddenly seemed like pocket change. This made me realise the importance of having a fundraiser before we organise any event to make sure that we are not limited by funds.

In the end, we did organise the event successfully but I was not really satisfied with the student turnout and the way the event was managed. It could have been much better had we started working on the event much earlier and more importantly, had we had more funding. This made me think of various ways to raise funds for the next event.

It seems so easy but from experience I know it's easier said than done. How do you convince people to part with their hard earned money?

The Fast Track Fundraising site has so many ideas and tips to make your fundraiser easy. One of the ways I use to evaluate a service is by looking at the customer testimonials and reviews. Frankly I am quite impressed by their track record. Quite recently one guy actually raised $4,030.40 with a Lollipops fundraiser while another raised $3,000.00 with a dinner and movie card fundraiser. There are so many other fundraising products listed on the site. They have been featured in Forbes, CNBC, and SmartMoney. What I found quite surprising was the fact that they don't take any money upfront and provides 100% free shipping for their products. The company uses the MacAfee secure system and gurantees 100% safe fundraising. Another great feature was the fundraising thermometer which allows you to track and display your fundraising goal online. All you have to do is note your fundraising goal and the money you have raised so far. Just clicking a button will generate a code which you can then put on your site.
So if you are thinking of doing your own fundraising for an event, or for some charity or it may even be for a school trip, do drop by the Fast Track Fundraising site.

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