Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dilip is my name

I have always wondered about the meaning of my name. I knew that Dilip was an ancestor of Rama, the Hindu God. I also knew that my grandfather had named me after the Indian movie star Dilip Kumar. I guess he was a fan. However, I just found out that it means "Protector", which sounds quite good.

Adam was the name I choose for myself. He was the very first guy, according to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Mutum is my family name and I am sure it has some meaning though I have no idea.

Do you know the meaning of your name?


Irina said...

Hello Adam, my name is Irina and it means "peace" in ancient Greek I think. It also comes from Empress Irina who is a saint in Christianity. I actually like it a lot. But I always thought if I had a girl I would name her Anna.

Jason Tipp said...

I have no idea what my name means. That is maybe American names in most cases mean nothing at all. I would like to have some name that really could be interpreted as something unique. Some stars have nice names (or nicknames :) ).


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