Sunday, March 08, 2009

The happiest countries

According to the results of a study survey carried out by researchers at the University of Leicester, Denmark is the happiest nation in the world.

They have come out with a "World Map of Happiness". It was found out that the significant factors that decided the "happiness" of a country were health, poverty level, and access to basic education.

Only two Asian countries are in the top 10 - Bhutan and Brunei Darussalam coming in at 8th and 9th places respectively.

I was surprised to find that Malaysia did quite well, coming at 17th place. The United Kingdom came in at a distant 41 (I am not surprised). The US of A came in at 23rd.

Apparently the most miserable people on the Earth are those that live in Burundi closely followed by Zimbabwe.

Mr. Mugabe! Please pity to your people and just step down.

Read the BusinessWeek article.

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Nana said...

adam, how do you store all your pictures? the photobucket of mine has gone kaput on me. gosh! I have exceeded the 25GB!!! isk! I am very pissed!!!

Please advice!! My readers are complaining why can't they see my pics! UURRGGHHH!!!

bang_007 said...

I wouldn't believe too much in these surveys. And I am from Denmark - wasn't too happy there so moved to UK where things are better. Survey is good for fun though.

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Nana, Sorry to hear that. I use Flickr most of the time but I do use Blogger's own service as well. BTW, you are the first commentator.


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