Saturday, January 10, 2009

Police officer injured in incident near our house

This Thursday afternoon I was at home alone and doing some research when there was a knock on the door.

I was shocked to see a police officer at the door. Behind him were a number of police cars with flashing lights and other police officers as well.

Apparently there had been an incident near our house and they had cordoned off the entire street. SO the officer asked me how many stayed in the house, their particulars, the number of cars we had and the registration numbers. I forgot our Volvo's number and had to look for the registration while I left him waiting at the the door. It was strange but I couldn't recall our neighbour's names either. We are not really close and only on a "Hello! You alright!" basis. I got to make an effort to know them better. We were prevented from leaving the area while they conducted their investigation.

I was a bit worried because I had to fetch my kids from school. There was also a tow truck parked right beside my car but when I went out they moved it away and I was able to fetch the kids.

Later on found out that a policeman on the rounds had been questioning some blokes in a black Peugeot 307 when it suddenly drove away injuring the police officer. Read more about the incident on the Coventry Telegraph website: Fleeing car injures police officer in Coventry

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