Monday, September 15, 2008

Your postcode and your life span

The Thursday issue of the Coventry Times carried a very interesting report. "..where you live can have a crucial bearing on HOW LONG you live", it said.

I guess I am lucky because I live in Radford where the average life expectancy of Men is the second highest (77.3 years) in the Whole of Coventry after Sherbourne. Earlsdon came out on top with Men and Women live to an average age of 77.2 and 83.5 years respectively.

Foleshill, where most Malaysians reside came out on the bottom, with the average life expectancy of Men and Women were both below the average.

Not surprising that people live longer in the more affluent areas of Coventry. Besides standard of living, genetics does play a role as well. The population in Foleshill is predominantly made up of south Asians and as Dr. Zifhiri points out in the report, they tend to be more prone to type-two diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol problems.

I wonder whether the lack of green spaces may have something to do with this as well. Unlike Earlsdon, there's not a single nice park in the entire area. A healthy lifestyle is essential of course but the environment does play a big role in your life expectancy as well.


Matti said...

Nearly each week look in I here and read with large interest the interesting and always well written contributions. Today I would like to leave gladly to a greeting from Thuringia in Germany!

David Leonhardt SEO said...

Interestingly, you have a better chance of surviving in the country if you are young, and a better time surviving in the city if you are old.

As a general rule, the air is purer in the country and the stress is less. So a person is less likely to die young.

As we age however, quick and easy access to a hospital, even an ambulance, more often makes the difference between life and death...and they just don't place hospitals at every corner in the country.


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