Monday, February 04, 2008

I am an Uncle

Say a big Hi! to my first niece Jade Océané. Congrats to Fred and my little sis Jules. Really happy for you guys. She's a cutie.

The mum

Proud dad


Rickavieves said...

so cute baby:-) congrats ur uncle.

anyway, thnks for dropping by my page! I appreciate it!

hope to see u again there in my page!

map of new zealand said...

What an adorable baby!! I love the name too. My best friend in school her name was Jade, and I was always so jealous.

narrowband said...

Congratulations, Adam! What an adorable bundle of joy! And thanks for the tag, too. I'll try to find time for that... I've *many, many* tags not done... Some of which I don't think I'll ever do anymore, even! Anyway thanks for that and have a great weekend ahead!


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