Sunday, December 16, 2007

Scotland trip cancelled

We were all set to spend a week in Scotland. Had a cottage booked, serviced the car and even bought snow suits for any eventuality - we were hoping that it might snow over there. However, it appears that we won't be able to go. My son is teething - he has four new teeth coming out and is in a great deal of pain. He is not eating and drinking much and we were quite worried when he came down with fever day before yesterday

We had hoped that he would get better by today but that was not to be. He's in a bad mood the whole day and it really breaks my heart to see him grimacing with pain. So we finally decided to cancel the trip. A call to a friend also confirmed our fears - that the money won't be refunded.

It was a bit of a downer but I tried to look at the bright side - we saved on fuel and other expenditure and it's probably too cold to enjoy ourselves over there. A case of sour grapes, I know but it certainly helps us feel better a bit.


VIJAY said...

What are those photos on top of your blog? They are just great. Is it your college or something else?

Emila Yusof said...

Poor boy, I can imagine the pain. Hope it will go away soon.

lucia said...

mental jog

too bad to hear about that, adam. hope your son is feeling better now.

did you pay the money to a tour company? they won't even refund you some small percentage?

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Vijay, thanks for your comments. The photographs on the top are from my Flickr album.

Emila: Thanks.

Lucia. 2 teeth are already out but 2 more still cutting through the gums. Looks like it will be a few more days before he is totally OK.

We actually booked through a friend. I guess it's too late because we were supposed to start today.

lillian said...

Can't u postpone the trip? I always find it really hard when I have to cancel a trip like that because of my kids...hang in there

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kljs said...

Hopefully, you will be able to go to Scotland at a later date!

Apple products said...

Surely u are upset about it. I'm feeling sorry for u.


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