Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas cards

Christmas cards01

My daughter is delighted. She received loads of Christmas cards from her friends and teachers - for the first time in her life.

We didn't receive that many cards. With the advent of email and e-greeting cards, I guess the tradition of sending cards on festive occasions is slowly dying. It may be the environmentally friendly way as well but I sometimes do miss receiving loads of cards during festive occasions.


lucia said...

mental jog

yes me too, missed receiving xmas cards.

you know before the advent of internet (and thus e-card), i have an extra 'decoration' stuff to use that is free - christmas cards! we will usually hand the cards on a string which is strung up near the doorway or some arch. now without the cards, no more this kind of decoration.

marble said...

I really miss the child hood of mine. I just look at my nephew now on Christmas and try to remember all the joy I had at the age of his.

I really miss the cards of Christmas from my child hood.


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