Friday, November 02, 2007

8GB memory card for mobile phones

It's amazing how the mobile phone has evolved. I still remember the days when businessmen used to carry those early huge brick sized gadgets - they were among the only people who could afford them.

Now, it has become more than just a device for making and receiving calls, it has become a personal lifestyle statement. People now use a mobile to take pictures, listen to music, play games and for surfing the net - the so called "Mobile Lifestyle".

In fact, they have become miniature computers. And with all the music, image and data files that gets accumulated over time, the demand for storage solutions for mobile devices has grown.

Those who require huge amount of storage space for their mobile devices might be happy to learn about the new Sandisk 8GB Microsdhc. Read the press release below for more details.

SanDisk microSDHC™ 8GB

SanDisk is proud to announce our newest format and capacity to the SD card family: microSD High Capacity (microSDHC) 8GB flash card. Included as bonus is our new MobileMate™ Micro Reader (SDHC compatible) providing users with a complete and versatile solution for transferring music, video, photos and other files between their mobile devices and computers.


High storage capacity (8GB) for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and more
Optimal speed and performance for microSDHC compatible devices
Speed performance rating: Class 4 (based on SD 2.00 Specification)
High Quality microSDHC card backed by 5 year limited warranty
Built to last, with an operating shock rating of 2,000Gs, equivalent to a ten-foot drop **
SanDisk microSDHC 8GB card ships with Bonus MobileMate™ Micro Reader
High speed USB 2.0 compatible transfer rates
No additional card adapters required
Compatible with Windows Vista and certified for Windows XP and Mac OS X
Not all devices support microSDHC 8GB cards. Please contact your device manufacturer for details. To ensure compatibility, look for the microSDHC logo on the product or packaging of your new phone or PDA.


kljs said...

8GB memory card? wow.... ler.....
I wonder why need 8GB? take photos? It would be better to take photos using a digital camera....

Adam Mutum said...

With the quality of camera phones going up, we won't need to have a separate digital camera anymore.


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