Saturday, September 15, 2007

A global child

The next blog on my review list is Preyanka's 'Dreaming of Hanoi'. Preya is a true global child. She was born in Calcutta, India to an American mother and Indian father. She spent her childhood moving between Colorado, India, and Thailand before moving to Hanoi, Vietnam in 1992. She finally went back to the US in 2000 and right now teaches English literature to high school students in Boulder, Colorado.

Used to visit her Blogspot blog before she finally moved to her new website. The blog has a neat and tidy template uncluttered by ads.

She asked me to give her some "brutally honest advice" and well all I can say is, keep doing what you have done so far. I love her pictures and really original and thought provoking posts. I can identify with some of her posts as an expat child myself - but slightly different, as an Asian in the West.

One really touching post was that on the evacuation of thousands of orphans after the fall of Saigon. It's a description of the hope amidst the chaos, as told by her mother, Cherie Clark.

Really nice blog.


Preyanka said...

Adam--thank you for taking time to write such a generous review. I'm touched:)

David Chen said...

I also visited her blog, she is very good writer and blogger! I enjoy her blog as always!

Adam Mutum said...

Preyanka: You are welcome. I meant everything I wrote.

David: Yes she is. Thanks for dropping by my blog as well.


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