Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Move over Digg, Thoof's here

There's a new kid in town and it's fast becoming one of the best places to find all kinds of personalized news, websites, videos, and other links. I am referring to, where like Digg, users generate the news. Submitting a story is easy. Just click the 'Submit' button. Fill in the link url, title, summary of the story and the tags. Click submit story and you are done. However, it will only be posted after you sign up with them.

However, the similarities with Digg ends there. Unlike the former, other readers can then add or improve to your summary. Also unlike Digg which is dominated by technology related stories, the stories here are much more varied. You can literally spend hours reading the unending list of stories submitted by various users.

They have just introduced the "ThoofRank" system, whereby you can add a ThoofRank button in your blog or web page for any story you submit to them. Expressed as a percentage relative to other Thoof stories, this ranking system is a measure of how interesting a story is to other readers with similar interests. A ThoofRank of 50% and above is good as it indicates that a story is of above average interest to those readers.


ethan said...

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Adam Mutum said...

Hi Ethan. Check out my post here:


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