Friday, July 27, 2007

Testing the Godin LG SP90

Our friends Mozard and Nana dropped by our house today. Mozard invited me to accompany to a guitar shop in Lemington Spa - Regent Guitars, to check out a Godin electric guitar. More specifically - the Godin LG SP90. It was pouring down and I was a bit worried that the place might be flooded. A call to the shop revealed that it was ok to go there.

The shop was not as big as I had imaged it would be. Richard, the Director took us downstairs to the basement and left us there with the guitar plugged in. Mozart got down to business right away.

Took this video while he was trying it out.

Mozard has been playing the guitar since he was a kid and really know his stuff. He thought the Godin LG SP90 was great. He recently sold off his Gibson for £750/ and was looking for an affordable but good guitar to play at home. Affordable does not usually go with good, but this seems to be it.

Mozard asked me to try it out but after watching him play, I was not going to even try my "I-am-sure-would-be-painful" rendition of Amanda by Boston.

Richard told us that it's price was £449/. However, Mozard had seen it going for a mere £300 (without shipping) on an eBay shop. That's a huge difference of £149. However, he's a bit wary of buying a guitar online without trying it out first. I can understand as £300/ is still quite a lot of money. Anyway, it was an interesting experience.

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