Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lost in Thailand

Finally got to review Matt's blog "The Lost Boy". Matt is a "farang", a British expat currently working as the desk editor for a local newspaper in Phuket, Thailand. His blog is really cool and the first thing you will notice is of course the great banner.

I really like reading his humorous posts. Nearly fell off my chair when I read this post: Cooped up Paris will lead chickens to salvation. He has got a nice writing style and it's no wonder as he's been writing for various magazines and newspapers for quite sometime now.

Matt wanted some constructive criticism to make his blog better. However, I couldn't find anything to criticise maybe except for only one thing - I would have loved to see more pictures.

One list I would like to see, not only on his blog but on others' too, is a list of the most popular posts.

Check out Matt's blog to get the latest on everything Thai.


The Lost Boy said...

Cheers very much!

Adam Mutum said...

You are welcome.


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