Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Celebrity gossip

I don't know why but somehow the lives of the rich and the famous - the celebrities, seem to fascinate a lot of us. This is evident by just looking at magazine stalls in the supermarkets that are filled by celeb magazines telling us, which heiress went to jail, who's in rehab or who's going out with whom.

You don't have to buy a magazine. You can now catch the latest Hollywood gossip on CelebrityGossip.com. This site is owned by First Beat Media, Inc., an online entertainment media company.

It is in the blog format and are loads of stuff on your favorite (or otherwise) celebrities. I like the fact that celebrity profiles are listed in a separate page that can be accessed by clicking the "Celebrities" tab on the top. You should note that some of the stuff are just pure rumors and opinions. As the site points out:
This site is purely for entertainment purposes.

You don't need to register to read the posts but registering on the site gives you some extra benefits. You can make friends with other members who have joined and also allows you to vote on each post. Inviting you friends to join in gives you bonus points that you can redeem for rewards.

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