Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blog with an interesting title

Was just going through the "'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves" blog. That's an interesting title for a blog. In case you are wondering what it means, I guess you better refer to the meaning of the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.

I couldn't find out much about the blogger as he/ she doesn't have a about me page and there's nothing in the Blogger profile. Some bloggers to prefer to remain anonymous and it's their choice.

Slithy Toves has been blogging since October last year, about random things that the Blogger found on the net. The blogger seeks to increase the Blogs PR (don't we all). Joining various social networks (for example, MyBlogLog, Spicypage )and forums on the net might help. You may have great content but people won't come if they don't know about your site.

I would also suggest that he ( I am assuming that the blogger is male) either replace or modify the generic Blogger template used. There are thousands of blogs with the same template. Doesn't exactly make your blog stand out, if you know what I mean. Maybe the blogger can think of modifying it with a personalised top banner. I can also see a minor spelling error in the description of the blog. Assume that it was supposed to be a "the" instead of "teh."

In his post "Starting to understand this whole blogging thing", Slithy Toves has mentioned some of the steps he has taken to improve his pr. Hopefully this review should bring him some more visitors.

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Slithy Toves said...

Thank you for the review and your comments.

Yes, per my wife's urging, I have decided to remain anonymous, but I should work on an About Me page, since that doesn't necessarily have to include any truly identifying information (look for that over the next couple of days).

The spelling error is intentional (I picked it up from the folks over at, but it may drive some confusion. Coincidentally, my wife pointed out the misspelling last week.

I have just very recently started to intersperse some more traditional blog posts (i.e. things happening in my life), so the blog will start to tend slightly more toward a personal interest blog.

And, as for the template, that is something I have been contemplating a bit recently. Honestly, I was simply overwhelmed with the theme choices initially and decided to stick with the generic. Now that I have a few months under my belt, I'll start to explore some customization.

Thank you again for the comments and for your review.


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