Thursday, May 03, 2007

At The Thai Twig

Went out for dinner with my Wife and her friends to Leamington Spa. Picked up her friend and set off from the University at around 7pm.

This was my first time driving to Leamington Spa and I think we made an excellent decision to buy the TomTom One Sat Nav. Read my previous post here. Our destination was The Thai Twig - a Thai restaurant on Augusta Place and we got there without any mishaps.

Nice ambiance and great food. The prices are quite reasonable too. I was quite buys eating to take pictures of the food. I only got to snap the one below before we dug in.
thai_twig02Chicken in Pandan leaves.
I ordered popiahs for starters. Quite good. Mushrooms and fried vegetable rice for the main dish. Tasty.

However, my wife was complaining later about the 'Tom Yam' she ordered. Not about the taste as it was delicious (according to her) but rather the amount. The portion was a quarter of what is normally served in Malaysia or Thailand.

It was nice finally meeting my wife's friends. Chatting with intellectual people is always interesting. You always learn a lot of new things.

Update: Some more pics.


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

i love pandan chicken! there's one other thai place called the thai elephant, they have the best sweet and sour fish. fish is so crispy! anyway, tell ez, that there's a tomyam paste at sainsbury (TOM YAM PASTE FOR SOUP - THAI TASTE) which is absolutely KAW!! really awesome and really good! just add chicken, mushroom, and most importantly lemongrass and corriander. REALLY good! then you can have a whole pot of tom yam at an estimation cost of less than 3-4pounds!


neverhector said...

Stop with all this delicious food discussion.... your making me hungry!!! :-) It looks like the TomTom ONE worked out well for you. I know a few friends with the ONE and they love it! I need to get one myself so I'm not getting lost anymore.


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