Monday, April 23, 2007

Zipping files - the new generation

A lot of people worry about data security but don't do anything much about it because they assume that the cost of doing so will be high. There might be files in your computer that you don't want others to see or is meant for only a select group of people - for example, confidential company information, tax records, bank statements, medical records and other private information. In case you are looking for desktop data security, I recommend that you take a look at "SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP".

SecureZIP ( is an amazing solution for protecting email messages and attachments, as well as data stored on hard-drives, laptops and portable storage media. As is clear from the name, this application provides compression but at the same time also provides strong file level security.

It can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook® in order to secure email messages and attachments. Thus it will automatically protect email messages and attachments. You do this by automatically encrypting, digitally signing and zipping email messages and attachments.

Best of all, this great application can be deployed with minimal changes to current processes and existing security infrastructures.

You can now download the full version (not trial software) for a limited time only. All you need to do is get a full individual user license by providing your full e-mail address.

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