Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why you need breakdown cover 2

Continuing from where I left off in my last post.

I rushed back and picked up Naz. Learned that the AA people had come and left. The mechanic had refused to wait and told Aznil that it was out of his hands. Really felt bad for Aznil. He had just arrived from Malaysia and jet lagged. And there he was, freezing by the motorway.

When we reached him, another tow truck had just arrived. The tow truck was to take the car to the nearest service area - being Tamworth. It was about 5 minutes drive and for that he took £115. He also informed us that the car had been left on the highway for way too long and a police fine might be coming in the mail soon. I hope not.

I was relieved that we were at least out of the motorway. Aznil called up the AA as soon as we reached the rest area. They informed that they would be sending someone 90 minutes later.

We went over and had drinks and some snacks. I suddenly realised that I haven't had lunch. Felt sightly better after that.

The AA guy finally arrived right on the dot. He put in a temporary hose and recharged the battery. Our spirits lifted when the engine started but went down again when it died. The mechanic's diagnosis was the the engine had been damaged and it wouldn't take them either to Nottingham or to Coventry.

At that moment in time, it was like a blur and I couldn't think of anything. Can just imagine how Aznil and Naz were feeling.

Finally there was some good news, the mechanic was able to get in touch with a mechanic who would be able to tow them back to Nottingham but they would have to pay around £50. Of course, they readily agreed.

I returned to our house in Coventry to fetch the kids (around 22 miles). It was around 10 pm when I reached the Tamworth service area. The tow truck was not there yet but was on the way. So with nothing more to do, I went back home. Had gone back and forth between my house and their car 8 times yesterday. Not sure how many miles I had driven. You go do the maths.

It was a tiring day but I learnt a lot of lessons with #1 being:
"Don't procrastinate! Go get a breakdown cover ASAP."

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