Tuesday, April 03, 2007

1k dollars tuesday

Today, there was an announcement by PayPerPost.com, one of the largest and most popular blog advertising companies, that left me (and I am sure - a lot of other posties) really excited. They call it the 1K Tuesday.

1K of course stand for $1000 and ppp will be releasing at least one $1000 opportunity every Tuesday between 12 am and 12pm with no segmentation guaranteed. For non-posties and other people who are not aware, the company rolled out segmentation some time back. According to this new system, advertisers can choose the type of blogs that can carry their ads. The higher paying opportunities would usually be reserved for blogs with higher Google page ranks (pr) or lower Alexa ranking (the lower the better). The $1000 opportunities are usually reserved for blogs with Google page rank 7 and above. Those of us with lower Google PRs could only watch with envy as these blogs remained out of our reach.

So you can now understand why I am really really excited about this announcement. If I am lucky, I shall be richer by $1000 tomorrow and all I would have to do is write a post here on my blog.

This promotion start tomorrow and will run till the end of April.

Note: Posties refer to member of PayPerPost.com.

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