Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yoga is good for you

During my younger days in University, I was a yoga fanatic and I could do complex poses like the "Mayurasana" or the peacock pose with ease. I don't know why, but with time I got sucked into the corporate world and slowly lost Interest in yoga when it would have benefited me the most.

A few days back, me and my wife were talking about Yoga and I tried to show off some of the simple poses. I was shocked to find how stiff I had become - I couldn't even touch the tips of my hands behind my back, one arm above and other reaching from below.

It's quite funny that the growth of interest in this ancient Indian philosophy in recent years has renewed my Interest. I say philosophy because it is more than just bending your body into strange shapes. It about self control, meditation and much more.

I just came across this site. To illustrate that fact that, Yoga is not all about poses, this is a page about Pranayama, Breathing Exercises explained.

Go over to site and learn about the various health benefits and how to use yoga to heal various ailments. Believe me Yoga is good for you.

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Yoga Scott said...

Yoga is great. I try to do it every morning with my Yoga DVD. I hope I don't grow stiff.

You might like the Yoga Forum.


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