Monday, March 26, 2007

Trying to lose weights - Avoid scales

I was going through this health and fitness blog "Building A Healthy Body, One Day At A Time" (yeah I know it's a long title), when I came across this interesting post - "Dump The Scale"

A lot of people trying to lose weight will religiously climb on their scales after every workout or in the morning, to see whether they have lost any weight. According to bodyforlifer26, watching the scales too closely can actually discourage you from tying to lose weight. She says "
Toss the scale. If you can't completly toss it, at least only pull it out once every two weeks or so and don't rely to heavily on what it says."

Actually that kind of makes sense. Do you agree?

I have actually experienced it myself. In Kedah, I had started swimming twice every week and was quite disappointed when I found out that I hadn't lost any weight at all. In the end I just didn't look at the scales at all.

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